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Canada's national statistical agency. Includes data on the Canadian economy, population,  This paper discusses some of the methodological issues involved in analysing military expenditure data, with particular reference to the extended SIPRI data-set   SIPRI Yearbook 2017 presents a combination of original data in areas such as world military expenditure, international arms transfers, arms production, nuclear   The first involves the use of different definitions for military spending. Whereas SIPRI uses “military expenditures” data in ranking the top military spenders  Oct 20, 2020 database. Table of Contents. I. SIPRI DATA ON THE MILITARY DYNAMICS OF ARMS TRANSFERS TO THE MENA REGION BY SUPPLIER  Jul 15, 2020 Analyzing two decades of SIPRI's own data on arms transfers leads to To assess these claims, I rely on the SIPRI database mentioned above  Apr 27, 2020 The data is from the updated SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, which provides military expenditure data by country for the years 1949–2019. Mar 2, 2021 SIPRI collects data on arms transfers, military expenditures, peace operations, and the arms industry. Uppsala Conflict Data Program.

Sipri database

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conflict, military, National Defense; World Data Atlas. Sources. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, 1949-2019. Turkmenistan. SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, 1949-2019. Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Drawn from open source documents, SIPRI's databases  Mar 14, 2018 According to the latest update to SIPRI Arms Transfers Database, France leads EU countries when it comes to arms trade. The SIPRI databases provide recent raw information on: Military Expenditure, Arms Transfers, Arms Embargoes, as well as a list of National reports for 35 countries  Includes spending from all countries and historical countries on defense in terms of local currency, millions of 2014 USD and as a percent of GDP. • Source: SIPRI   SIPRI Military Expenditure Database.

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Polity IV (2013)  Nordkorea har ökat sin kärnvapenarsenal med tio stridsspetsar, enligt en ny bedömning som fredsforskningsinstitutet Sipri gjort rapporterar  Sipri is ranked among the most prominent “think tanks” of the world. Its research and data are quoted and read by politicians, diplomats,  fredsforskningsinstitut (SIPRI) och Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) samarbetar för att generera data och  Shannon Kile, kärnvapenexpert, Sipri. Under kalla kriget existerade kärnvapen enbart för att avskräcka den motsatta sidan från att använda dem.

Sipri database

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Sipri database

Established in 1966, SIPRI provides data, analysis and recommendations, based on open sources, to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public. View SIPRI web site The SIPRI Military Expenditure Database catalogs countries’ military spending from 1949 to 2019. SIPRI is an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament.

Sipri database

You can find replication data and datasets from various PRIO projects and publications by  The authoritative source of data and analysis for security and conflicts, military spending, non-proliferation, arms control, and disarmament. Apr 1, 2021 was the world's largest arms importer in 2016–20 and received 11% of global arms imports. New SIPRI data on international #ArmsTransfers  Jan 21, 2020 An R script for downloading SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) Yearbook Learn about Data Citation Standards. The programme collects data, maintains SIPRI's renowned databases in the field and conducts research related to these.
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Sipri database

The SIPRI Arms Industry Database contains information on arms-producing and military services companies, or “arms companies.” Estimates of arms sales are based on publicly available information.

This is the first of three major data launches in the lead-up to the publication of SIPRI’s flagship publication in mid-2020, the annual SIPRI Yearbook.
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The database is updated annually, which may include updates to data for any of the years included in the database. Military expenditure in local currency at current prices is The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database contains information on all transfers of major conventional weapons from 1950 to the most recent full calendar year. It is a unique resource for researchers, policy-makers and analysts, the media and civil society interested in monitoring and measuring the international flow of major conventional arms. The SIPRI Arms Industry Database contains information on arms-producing and military services companies (‘arms companies’).

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SIPRI yearbook world armaments and disarmament 2014 · (Tidning Omslagsbild: European Union database directory av  The SIPRI Yearbook is as an authoritative and independent source of data and analysis on armaments, disarmament and international security. It provides an  Iranavtalet och FN:s konvention om kärnvapenförbud. Andra ämnen som ofta förekommer i artiklar om Sipri är: USA, Ryssland, SvD Premium och Vapen. The project members should create a new database to store securely all SIPRI data on multilateral peace operations. The database should be  SIPRI Yearbook 2018 presenterar fakta om världens militärutgifter, har tillgängliga data), och i Sydamerika.