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Put your music online and get discovered by major record label Universal Music. Spinnup is an enticing distributor for the independent musician, particularly because of their groundbreaking offer to promote your music to record labels. However, they lack many of the features and services available from their bigger competitors. Therefore, it is important to consider your exact needs before signing up with Spinnup. Now let’s recap some of the main advantages of using Spinnup.

Spinnup vs record union

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… Please read these handy articles before uploading your release in order to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. Cover Art - Make sure your cover art meets the stores guidelines. Release Information - Get to grips with the smaller details needed for your release. Third Party Material - If you’re using someone else’s beat or sample, releasing a remix or a cover there are some Spinnup Artist Area. Sign up Login. Home.


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Spinnup vs record union

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Spinnup vs record union

Getting Paid. Spinnup 24637; Reset all. 1 2 3 247. Jump to page. Results per page 25 50 100 150.

Spinnup vs record union

DistroKid. RouteNote  Second, if you want a simple and straightforward distribution setup, Spinnup is a and if that is your only requirement then Record Union won't lead you astray.
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Spinnup vs record union

Can I see trend data from other stores, not only Spotify? Getting Paid. Spinnup 24637; Reset all. 1 2 3 247. Jump to page.

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They may not have a long list of features, but they’ve a solid platform that’s fairly easy to use with a superb support team. Distribute your music on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon and more! Sell your music to the world with Spinnup and keep 100& royalties. Join today!

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Getting Paid.